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When work revolves around life

published6 months ago
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Hey there, this issue is slightly shorter than usual as I race to meet some book writing deadlines. Hope you enjoy it!

When remote work is done right, it leads to more individualized freedom, closer personal connections, and a higher quality of life. But what does this actually look like?

As we move out of pandemic remote work, let's take a moment to imagine what remote work could be like if we weren't just making it "office work but at home".

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A change in schedule

The standard 9-5 job is done with 8 hours straight of work with potentially a lunch break too. Why?

Is this your best way of working? What would it look like if it was up to the individual? Maybe 2 hours working then life stuff before coming back?

Outcome > time in the office chair

40-hour workweeks have been the standard for a long time. But question why this is.

Let’s take time at the desk out of the equation and solely focus on the outcome. We’ll switch focus from filling work hours to completing meaningful tasks.

Closer connections

Typically, you would spend a majority of your week in-person with people HR chose for you to be around. Now, you choose.

This is difficult at first because you’re used to your friends being chosen for you by who is in the class/office. Take advantage.

Living where you want vs. where the work is

You don’t have to live in a tiny, expensive place just because that’s where the jobs are.

Miss small-town life? Want to travel more? Be close to family? Choose a place that will make you happiest instead of a place you “have” to be.

Work where inspired

Previously, you had a set office space to work from due to office constraints. You do not need to bring this home.

Take a meeting while on a walk. Work from a desk but then also from a beach, café, couch. Move towards inspiration.

We are all living with limited mindsets from working in one way for so long. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Maybe not all of the above will work for your situation, but the point is to make it individual.

Instead of copying the office mindset at home, question the norm:

Does it need to be the same way?
Why was it that way in the first place?
What will work best for me now?

The endless options might feel overwhelming, but the possibilities of how they can positively affect your life are exciting. This is your opportunity to center work around your life instead of your life around your work.


We are all living with limited mindsets from working in one way for so long. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If we take a moment to imagine what work revolving around life could look like, remote work has the potential to completely reshape everything
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