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9-5, Monday-Friday, in-person office work are all relics of the past. This thoughtful newsletter helps you reflect on your current way of life and create actionable steps for a more intentional future. Let's revolutionize how you live by changing how you work.

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Standups are outdated. Do this instead...

Hey there, We're back after a 3-month hiatus. Hope you are well and apologies for my absence! While the media has been busy proclaiming "remote work is dead", my business has been growing like crazy. Haven't had a single free moment to write over these last couple of months 😅 Today, I'm back...
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2 months ago • 9 min read
Happy 2nd Birthday

Read this to transform your remote work experience

Welcome back to another issue of Remotely Interesting! We recently celebrated the 2nd birthday of this newsletter 2 years 35 issues 0 to 2,399 subscribers Just want to take a moment to say thank you for all your support! I will forever appreciate the time you take to read, reply, and share...
6 months ago • 9 min read
Person thinking about resting, reading, working out, and taking care of themselves

What if your company paid you to take off for 7 weeks?

Welcome back to another issue of Remotely Interesting! This week, we have something different. I'm kicking off a new series this year on uncommon but innovative benefits. In case you missed it, we did a series of Work Style interviews last year, profiling people with untraditional workdays. This...
7 months ago • 12 min read
Person cutting off an anchor from themselves

The Remote Work Differences No One Talks About

Hey there, quick note, thank you to everyone who registered to join the Work Forward Society, a community for people who want to end bad meetings and explore working async-first. Doors have closed to the founding membership. I was aiming to have 10 people join, but instead, we have 28 amazing...
8 months ago • 8 min read
Four people with various energy levels shown in a battery

How To Make 2023 Your Year of No Burnout

Hey there, quick note, thank you all for your responses to the last issue! Excited to announce I'm launching a community for remote workers who want to end bad meetings. We'll explore how to work in an async-first way without degrading communication and productivity. Members will get access to a...
8 months ago • 6 min read
Loading image with 2022 on the left and 2023 on the right

2022 in Review: The year of no burnout, walking again, and fails

Last year wasn't at all what I expected. It wasn't what I wanted, but it was what I needed. Here's a look into what happened:​ Read this on the web | Subscribe​ Life Events Walking again I started the year barely being able to walk across my house and only with debilitating pain. It had been 5...
9 months ago • 7 min read
Person editing a calendar

Too many meetings? You need this.

Working in a healthy async-first style starts with becoming better at meetings. People often think async-first work is just about removing meetings, but that's a common misconception. Async-first is actually about using meetings for what they were meant for instead of by default. But you can't...
9 months ago • 8 min read
People connecting and helping each other virtually from all over the world

How To Create Serendipity on Remote Teams

Hey there, one quick note: So amazed that 1.5 years in and 29 issues later, we recently hit 2,000 subscribers! Thank you all for joining me in the movement to rethink how we do work! I've consulted with dozens of remote companies since 2018, and one question continues to come up again and again:...
11 months ago • 6 min read
Marie Poulin sitting and laughing in front of a fireplace

Work Style Profile: Marie Poulin

Welcome to the next profile in our Work Styles series! In each profile, we highlight one person's untraditional workday. You'll get an inside look at alternatives to the traditional 9-5, Monday-Friday schedule (and maybe pick up something new to try). Today, we're featuring the lovely and...
about 1 year ago • 4 min read
When we should take a break (fuel gage at medium) vs. when we actually take a break (fuel gage at empty). Photo by Liz and Mollie

Rest Isn’t the Opposite of Work

Rest is not the opposite of work. It's an integral piece of great work. Our best ideas don't come from working non-stop. Our best ideas show up when you take a shower, go for a walk, sleep, etc. Yet, when we need to get something done, our default instinct is to hustle harder, which leaves us...
about 1 year ago • 8 min read
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